3 Finds for Foodies in the Makati CBD!

101 Hawker Food House

Found in The Beacon Makati's Commercial Centre, the 101 Hawker Food House serves asian dishes at budget-friendly price. The place takes inspiration from the Hawker stalls in Singapore that are famous for selling inexpensive food.


Plaza Cafe

This quaint little cafe located on the side of Corinthian Plaza in Gamboa St. has a great selection of salads and drinks. The place offers a variety of board games that you can play while hanging out with friends. Their sandwiches are also a must try!


Ukokkei Ramen Ron

Tucked on the side of Arnaiz Avenue, this ramen join is popular among the Makati crowd for their sizable servings and richly flavoured ramen. According to frequent diners, you should definitely try their Miso Ramen.


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